Once upon a time lived a Taurus teenage girl. She loved to sing, watch action and scary movies, read Nancy Drew and The Baby-Sitters Club series, and write poetry in her little green notebook by the side of her bedroom window.

One day, she let slip to someone close that she might like to be a poet one day. Her dream was immediately shot down with the starving artist spiel, and so she moved on.

Years passed and with their passage, she developed a love/hate relationship with writing for the non-fictional world and flitting from one temp job to another. But then she rediscovered the magic of creative writing in a happy accident, which culminated into her first self-published book in 2011, more than a decade since her aspirations were so cruelly crushed.

And now, after re-emerging on the path to poetry and other creative writing endeavors, I (former Taurus teenager) invite you to partake in my fictional flights of fantasy, my poetic play on words, and my revived energy for the written word.


Books: my currently available short stories and poetry books for sale.

About Me: a little more about me, K.S. Puckett.